My Story


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Hi! I'm Crystal B. Williams

Born and raised in Los Angeles, my love for food and travel started at a young age when my mom and I went to Orlando, FL for seven whole day (!) to experience Walt Disney World, Epcot, Sea World and whatever other theme parks existed at the time. Thereafter, I started exploring more U.S. cities, followed by trips to Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. 

Essentially Crystal is a food, travel, and wellness platform that focuses on my life and mine alone. Although I love food, and can eat a lot of it at that, I'm really trying to find delicious foods that are beneficial for my mind and body. Don't get me wrong, I love desserts and will likely share some of my favorites with you, but I prefer to indulge in moderation (Ha!). Since traveling is something dear to my heart and like an itch I need to scratch, I want to share those journeys with you too. Lastly, wellness (fitness, crystals, natural skincare, etc.) is very important to me and has become apart of my daily life. I find balance and guidance in self-healing, and hope to find things that might inspire you to turn the attention inwards so you can find the things that make you happy. 

My goal is to share the things I enjoy in hopes that maybe, just maybe, it will add to your life. I appreciate the time you give to Essentially Crystal, and for being present as I share bits and pieces of who I am.

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