Happy New Year

After a two month break from all-things blogging, and almost social media, I’m back. When I decided to get back into blogging, I told myself I would be consistent by posting updates on a regular basis versus lagging behind which normally ends in quitting. So when I subconsciously decided to take a break in November, I didn’t plan it nor was it something I wanted to do. It literally just happened. And I was 100 percent okay with the universe making that decision for me.

Now that I’m in a comfortable place - mentally and spiritually - my intentions have changed, specifically how I plan to use this platform. With a few trips already planned this year, I will continue to share all of the hidden gems I uncover, including food finds.

Self-care is extremely important to me, so instead of boasting about new products, spas, etc. which I never did before (ha!), I will use this space as a personal diary; sharing thoughts, questions and unique understandings that I have with friends and family about life.

As adults, life is hard. We’re constantly searching for a sense of belonging while also faced with how society says we should look, do, spend our hard earned money and live our life. Many of my friends, including myself have been on various journeys of self-discovery, seeking answers that may very-well never come to light, but nevertheless asking anyways.

We can create the life we want, yet must do it with the purest intentions.

I’m genuinely ready for what 2019 holds.