A Book a Week Keeps the Characters Alive

Growing up, I loved to read. It’s practically all I ever wanted to do other than bake cookies and experiment with savory recipes. I’m pretty sure my grandmother played a vital part in my love of words. She often frequented the neighborhood public library where I’d tag along, sitting on the floor reading books, soaking in the unique smell of old yet not so musty off-white pages. In college, I majored in English not because I wanted to be a teacher, but honestly to read… all of the time. Over the years, I’ve kept up my addiction by growing a personal library filled with page turning books (preferably fiction), complicated characters, crazy twists and awe-inspiring endings.

Earlier this year, I challenged myself to read a book per week. Sounds daunting but it’s very possible. Since I’m no longer glued to my phone, checking Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I use the time reading the news and whatever book of the week I assign myself. Below are some of the books I read January - April; all worth exploring if interested. Moving forward, I’ll have a tab on the blog titled “Books + Page Turners” with recommendations on what to read. Also, please share what you’re reading. I can always add it to my overflowing list of books to read.