The Not So Beginning

It’s been four months and some change since I last wrote a blog post. My excitement to share thoughts with anyone reading about my random travel excursions; determination to eat everything everywhere; and I think wellness, were coming down from a standing caffeine high. And not to mention, life got crazy. I went from being vegan to not, and back to eating meat. Social media was becoming my downfall by spending an unthinkable amount of time every single day looking to see who was doing what, where they were going, eating this, and doing that. After a month, I gave up. Completely cut the digital cord by deleting all of my social platforms - personal and brand-related. I also canceled my domain for Essentially Crystal. It and I was that bad!

Nothing seemed real anymore. Instead, I found myself constantly consumed by the idea that I always had to post photos, let people know what I was doing and never miss anything. Looking back, it was important to run away from every single digital connection I created and nourished. I wasn’t realistic about time management, focusing on what was truly important or making time to live in the moment. When I mention to people why I took a break, they seem to sympathize and strangely say they too wish they weren’t on social.

Thinking about it now, I’m still not connected to anything, however I do find myself checking certain inspirational accounts from time-to-time. Nevertheless, I really needed to take a break. So with that, I guess I’m back to blogging yet at my own pace. I’m not sure if anyone reads my blog, but that’s okay. It’s here to stay… for a while longer… or so.