About ME

Hi! My name is Crystal Williams, a food and beverage writer and lifestyle blogger who focuses on food, travel experiences, and wellness.

I started blogging years ago under several blog names yet found myself discouraged by the growing and ever present idea of comparison. Over time through self-growth and life experiences, I found my voice and vision which led me back to writing for myself and those who find my work interesting. My passion for food, travel, and wellness has played an integral role in the person I am today; from the restaurants I try to the cities and countries I fall in love with.

Learning to love myself beyond anything I might experience from another person is a result of listening to my heart and body, while also valuing my personal well-being. Whether through yoga, meditation, positive vibrations or laughing with friends, Iā€™m on a journey towards being my best self. My goal is to share the things I enjoy in hopes that maybe, just maybe, it will add something to your life. 

I appreciate the time you give to Essentially Crystal, and for being present as I share bits and pieces of who I am.