In Search of the Perfect Luggage

Isn't it amazing how the travel season has become more of a year-round thing? Thanksgiving and Christmas are always the two most stressful and busiest times to maneuver through the airport, not to mention long check-in and security lines. (Thank you, TSA Pre-Check!) You also can't forget about the dreaded gate boarding where the overhead space is practically full before half the plane is even filled. Clearly, I've had some instances at the airport that tried to test me. 

What I've learned from traveling so much is that to ease the pain and make your life better, you have to find the best possible luggage that fits YOUR travel lifestyle!

Every three years or so, I search high and low for the best carry-on and checked luggage that will withstand staycations, trips across the U.S., and even going overseas. I've been looking for something new while seeking the opinions of friends who are always on the go. I finally narrowed it down to the Bigger Carry On from Away. It's cute, durable and I can spot it anywhere. Plus, the company is always coming out with a new exclusive line of luggage, travel bags, helpful packing accessories, etc. There's literally always something new popping up on their site. Bonus: All of their suitcases come with a lifetime warranty. That way if it's damage while travel, you can easily summit a request to have it replaced. 


Known for their sleek smart luggage that includes a built-in USB and TSA-approved lock, Away has made a name for itself amongst travelers seeking unique and durable, yet fairly inexpensive luggage. Ranging from the basic carry on to larger sizes based on the length of stay, the popular travel company is one of the top brands out there meeting consumer needs. Most recently, the company released its latest line of suitcases in collaboration with Gray Malin- in various sizes and colors (ocean, alpine, and coral).

The interior lining includes Gray Malin's signature designs which many of his fans have come to love. I should mention that for anyone who isn't into this color pattern, Away luggage comes in other colors worth checking out here. 

*Photo courtesy of Away x Gray Malin