Did You Know Instagram Has a Food Guide?

Since starting my semi-new job in tourism, the number of work trips I've taken has literally gone from one (if that) to at least a handful in less than a year. As with anyone who travels (but I shouldn't assume), I like to take advantage of my time to make sure I see and do everything on my "list". Recently, I started using Instagram to research new places to eat when visiting a new city or returning to one of my favorites like New York City. Everyone has their favorites, plus opinions on where to go are limitless. Since I follow a combination of food and travel writers, plus trustworthy wellness bloggers, I value their opinions when looking for delicious, healthy and new places to try. 

For example, when I confirm a work trip or much needed personal time, I use Instagram's latest feature which lets you save posts for later use. Under my personal and Essentially Crystal IG accounts, I have several folders ranging from fitness, motivational speeches, food and so on. In terms of food, I have one for every city I plan to visit. In March, when I went to New York City for a week followed by Chicago, I literally saved posts so I could go back, read reviews and if I decided to try it, add it to my work calendar. I don't have a car in most cities I visit, so I make sure to include how long it will take me by foot or Taxi/Uber to get there and back from my hotel, work meetings or casual shopping. I guess it can be considered a bit OCD, but not necessarily. Time is key!

So far it seems to work. I've found some really delicious places to try and what's great is that I end up finding another cute shop or bakery nearby to try. How do you figure out where to eat when traveling?

Photo Credit: Pixaby