Living in the Moment

One of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging again was because I wanted to share my life in pieces; when it felt right and comfortable for me to do so. With my previous blogs, West and Seasons, Lattes and Curls, etc., I felt obligated to blog every other day in order to keep readers engaged but more so interested in what I was doing. The struggle was a bit too real in trying to create content, blog posts and edit photos, plus have a 9 a.m. to whenever my full-time job ended. 

Some bloggers and influencers have an editorial calendar with content planned months in advance, yet I tried that and felt extremely overwhelmed. Instead, I find that blogging when ideas come to mind is better for me. It's real, raw and something I find important to share in that given moment. I'm no longer that person who takes photos as things happen with the urgency to post in real time on Instagram, Facebook, etc. By doing this, I'm living in the moment and truly enjoying my friends, my food, experiences and more. Life is worth enjoying because time goes by so quickly.

Remember to live in the moment, friends!

Are you someone who likes to post in real-time or take photos and posts later?

Photo Source: Pixabay